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OOH Campaign

What is Out-of-Home Media Advertising?

Out-of-home advertising is essentially all type of advertising that tries to reach the consumer while he is "outside of the home". Be it while traveling in the metro to reach office or while taking a coffee break. OOH is ubiquitous; on or in a bus, taxi, railway station, airport, mall, retail store, road, club and scores of other touch points. OOH is everywhere where you are. It is the medium that reaches active consumers where they are most available to take notice i.e. out of their homes.

Reasons why you should go outdoors?

- Lowest cost per thousand
- Consistent brand reinforcement
- Large audience reach
- Flexibility to launch campaign on any selective zone, hence; minimum spillover.
- Ability to create high frequency and Impact
- Ooh is the only medium to display a big and bold piece communication and it’s an easy option to display anything larger than life.

Why Choose Us ?

- Advitas have very rich experience of handling large numbers of out-of-home media campaign nationally. Our efficient team can execute a national campaign within 72 hours time.
- Advitas possess deep knowledge of OOH properties across the regions which help us make most suitable and cost effective media mix.
- Advitas offer quality and reliable service with transparency.
OOH Specility:

Strategic Media Mix:

Advitas put a whole lot of emphasis on the use of strategic medium along with conventional large format display to build reach and frequency in a cost effective way.

Advitas always come with an idea of innovative display to create buzz and impact to break through the clutter and devote extra hours to present our client some eye dragging doable innovation.

OOH Media Vehicle

- Display Board – Billboard, Unipole, Wall Panel, Over Head Panel, Building Wraps, Bus Shelters, Gantry, Utilities, Flyover Pillar
- Transit Media – Cab Branding , Bus Panel & Wrap, Mobile Display Van, Train, Metro Train & Tram, Truck Wrap, Auto Rickshaw Branding, Seat Back Branding
- Strategic Format: Pole Kiosk, Metro Kiosk, College Kiosk, Bench Branding, Airport Trolley

Non - Traditional
- Digital – LED Tv Networks, Digital Screen, Info pod, LED Board.
- Mall, Multiplex, Commercial Hub & Airport: Translite, Façade, Snap Frame, Drop Down, Elevetor.
- Door, Info- pod, Pillar, Frisking Zone, Toilet & Trail Room.
- Aircraft and Sky Branding.
- RWA Gate, Letter Box, Dustbin, Tree Guard.
- Bill & Ticket.
- Instedia Branding.